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Java Arrays in Hindi- 2D,3D Arrays

Java Arrays in Hindi Definition of Java Arrays:- An array is an Indexed collection of fixed no of homogeneous data elements. Advantage:- We can represent multiple data element or value with the same name. so, it is best for readability purpose. Disadvantages:-  We can’t increase

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Java Variable types in Hindi – Static, Instance and Local

Java Variable Types in Hindi : Static, Instance and Local Definition of Java Variable:- Java Variable is address/name of memory location. Java Variable is name of reserved area allocated in Memory. Based on the type of value java variables are divided into two types. Primitive

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Java Data types in Hindi

Java Data Types in Hindi Definition of Java Data types in Hindi “Java Data types is a spacial keyword used to allocate sufficient memory space for the data, in other words Java Data types is used for representing the data in main memory (RAM) of the computer”